Collection: October

Opal, the mesmerizing birthstone for October, enchants with its kaleidoscopic play of colors, symbolizing creativity, passion, and emotional healing. Revered for its iridescent beauty and mystical allure, opal is formed through the interaction of silica and water within the Earth's crust, resulting in its unique array of colors and patterns. Its name is derived from the Latin word 'opalus,' meaning 'precious stone,' highlighting its esteemed status throughout history. Opals have long been associated with magic and mysticism, believed to possess the power of foresight and intuition. In ancient times, opals were treasured as symbols of hope and purity, thought to bring good luck and protect against evil. Today, opal jewelry continues to captivate with its ethereal beauty, serving as a cherished gift for those born in October and a symbol of creativity and transformation.