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White Rainbow Chakra Candle Unscented

White Rainbow Chakra Candle Unscented

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Gem Tone Jar is 11-ounce, 6" tall, RSPO certified palm wax, estimated burn time: 60 hours. Fragrance Free. 

This enchanting rainbow candle is a mystical masterpiece, beckoning you into a world of vibrant energy and tranquility. This candle embodies the harmony of the chakras, each color representing a unique facet of spiritual balance and enlightenment. As the gentle glow illuminates your space, feel the subtle energies of the chakras enveloping you, guiding you towards a state of profound peace and harmony.

Meticulously hand-poured with layers of vibrant wax, Aloha Bay candles undergo a unique process. Each layer is carefully poured and allowed to cool before the next, resulting in captivating hues and delightful textures. This craftsmanship ensures candles that burn denser and longer than their machine-made counterparts.

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